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Make your products more visible on the world's leading marketplace for tours and activities.
Reach more travelers
Increase opportunities for travelers to see—and book—your products.
Increase your bookings
Receive 15% more bookings on average.
Track your performance
Access insights that benchmark your products against the competition.
Get ahead of the competition
Products opted into Viator Accelerate benefit from:
Image for advertising placements on Viator Accelerate
Advertising placements on Viator.
Image for product rankings on Viator Accelerate
Improved Viator sort rankings.

Average increase in bookings with Viator Accelerate

Here's how Viator Accelerate works
There are no upfront costs, and opting in is fast and commitment free.
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Select the product you want more travelers to see
Check out the Accelerate tab in the Viator Management Center to opt eligible products into the program.
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Review your product's visibility score
This score shows how visible your product is in comparison to similar products. Visibility scores change over time, so check regularly to see whether your product's score has increased or decreased.
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Increase the commission rate to boost your product's visibility
The higher you go, the more travelers are likely to see your product. Even a 1% increase on the standard minimum commission rate can accelerate your bookings.
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Apply the new rate—and we'll take care of the rest
You're all set! Your product's visibility is automatically boosted across Viator.
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Track your performance
Visit your performance dashboard-which includes analytics on page views and bookings-to monitor the impact of your product's new score.
“With marketing budgets cuts, we wouldn’t have been able to put dollars on the front end to get the kind of exposure we’ve gotten from Viator Accelerate"
Deidra Edwards
Director of Sales & Marketing, Gray Line of New Orleans
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What is Viator Accelerate?
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Stand out from the competition with Viator Accelerate